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Willingly Bitten

10 years 7 months ago - 10 years 6 months ago #9948 by EternusAtrumDiligo
Replied by EternusAtrumDiligo on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
Well I certainly wouldn't let mother nature have all the fun, but yes I should have been more specific regarding who should and who should not perish. I concur wholly that heads of money grubbing war mongering corporations, arms developers etc should roll first. But what I think would really cause chaos is to deprive money of its worth. It's not the oil, cigarettes or weapons that people want it's the money produced from these items. Without the attraction of money to buy all your material wealth no one would care about oil etc.

Anyway call me morbid but mother earth is going to finish us all off whether vampires massacre everyone or not. The oil is going to run out, the ice caps will melt, (little birdies will die from passive smoking haha) and the world will turn crimson with the blood of all creatures. This fact alone should be enough to encourage everyone to stop being such idiotic materialists and go out and enjoy mother nature in all her splendour before she slaughters us all. This is where being a vampire would be satisfying because if you want to see life meet its maker(so to speak) as I do, then it would be great. A vampire would also most likely get to see the rebirth of life after humans as the earth will still continue once we're gone.

One cannot know life without knowning death, for all those same that live, die.
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10 years 4 months ago #15119 by NIFER
Replied by NIFER on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
I would have fought against the vampires. Eternal life - not too huge price? Thousands of years wandering the world - not boring you? Fear of burning sun. Not feel the heart...
Is there a soul in this creature? :unsure:

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10 years 4 months ago #15132 by millkins
Replied by millkins on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
I would like to have a share in the fun of destroying those who have no brain (destroyers of th eplanet) and no heart (devastating the people around them) alongside with mother nature :D
And I don't think I would let someone turn me, death is the begining of certain things I believe and I don't want to be denied of them.

I can't swim. I can't drive, either. I was going to learn to drive but then I thought, well, what if I crash into a lake?

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10 years 4 months ago #15181 by Zilknitha
Replied by Zilknitha on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
\"Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all the kings here on the battle feild Arjuna\"
Bagiva-Gita, Krishna's words to Arjuna.
Just somthing that came to mind. It seems to me that after living for so long you would loose your compassion(unlike Tolikein's Elvish races, but that's a different thread). Though the experiance would be interesting, for one you would never really have to worry about survival/jobs/ect ect from one day to the next. The solitude wouldn't bother me much. Would it be more desible if longeverty gave forth a purpose other than survival?
Maybe we will all evolve into vampires due to the climate change and humans lack of consideration for what we do to the earth. Looking at the way life works, it will do anything to survive. So it follows that mother nature won't just erdicate us all, that would be too quick.

So, if a vampire asked me...i think that i would have to think about it a bit longer.

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10 years 4 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #15184 by Athenian
Replied by Athenian on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
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10 years 4 months ago #15195 by Kyle87
Replied by Kyle87 on topic Re:Willingly Bitten
ah now see i love the night! Vampyre all the way me. and as for flying the Dark Gift is different for every person some might have the power to fly, others to become invisible or mist other could even have the ability to read minds.

things in common in all vampyres: The Thirst, Superhuman Strength (most can't fly but can jump further/higher), Charm, Enhanced Senses(i.e. sight, smell and hearing) and the ability to shapeshift (animanl changes for each person though one vampyre can become multible beasts)

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