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Fantasy RPG's! Which Is Your Favourite?

8 years 9 months ago #29760 by Night Blossom
P&P wise, D&D. Jen and I got into D&D Christmas of '09 and have fallen in love with the RPG so, so much!

Console wise, definitely Mass Effect. Well wait, my all time favorite RPG would be Knights of the Old Republic!!!

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8 years 8 months ago #30041 by CorpseQueen
I mostly play Oblivion, but havne't played any other Elder Scrolls-games... but I like Oblivion well enough, and spent way too much time with it :blush:

Else, Fable I really like, and a lot of other games... mostly play either RPG (tho never something classic as Final Fantasy or Zelda :huh: ) or FPS, preferably something strange ;)

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