AAP4 Quinquerosa:

QUI 1Quinquerosa is the alchemical symbol of the five petaled black rose with the microcosmic pentagram representing the Opus Magnus; the perfection of man.

The triangular clock reflects the alchemical principle of the paradigm threefold man. Salt, mercury and sulphur are harmonised with the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, coming together in the seal of Solomon, or six pointed star.

In solid pewter and brass, with quartz clock movement.

Three plays an unmistakably fundamental role in all religions. Christianity has its trinity and also heralds three virtues - faith, love and hope. From Egypt we have Isis, Osiris and Horus and in Hinduism Brahma, Vishnu and Shive.

Water is the element of three and the triangle & water are heavily associated in alchemist medical signs.

Three is also frequently encountered in tales of quest and rights of passage. Commonly fiary tails and myth speak of three tests or riddles that one must withstand or solve.

The triangle shares in the symbolic significance of three. In antiquity it is sometimes regarded as a symbol of light. Often the triangle is used as a sign for God and is extensively used by Freemasons.


Reliquary: A specially made receptacle, from a ring or pendant, to a chest or a display case, to protect or display a holy relic.


Ring Cross: The symbol of a cross contained within a circle, also known as the Celtic Cross. The earliest versions of this symbol have been found in Ireland, and widely held myths state that it was introduced by either Saint Patrick or Saint Declan during his conversion of the Pagan Irish. Saint Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity with the Sun Cross (Odin’s Cross), therefore imbuing its meaning with energy, power and life.


Rococo: Distinctive and ornate style of 18th century French art and design, derived as a combination of rocaille (stone garden), and barocco (Italian Baroque). Often comprising of shell-shaped flourishes and embellishments, it was used to decorate both furniture and architecture, and is seen as a hugely influential in the expansion of European art.


Rod of Asclepius: Ancient Greek symbol associated with Asclepius, god of medicine and healing. Comprised of a serpent twined around a staff, it is believed that this represents the opposing nature of the physician; one who deals with both sickness and health – the shedding of snakeskin representative of physical rejuvenation, while the staff holds biblical connotations of resurrection.


Roku Kōmori: (Japanese); ‘six bats’.

ROSS 1rosy2Rosslyn Chapel: Nestled in the village of Roslin, Scotland, the Rosslyn Chapel, or Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, was founded by William Sinclair – descended from a noble ancestry of Norman knights. Used originally to celebrate the Divine Office and Holy Mass, its sealed crypts are rumoured to have held, at different times, the mummified head of Jesus; the Holy Grail; the treasures of the Knights Templar; and the Scottish crown jewels.

However, its most famous piece of architecture is the Apprentice Pillar. As legend would have it, the master stonemason who helped build the chapel did not believe that his apprentice could complete the pillar by himself. When he returned from his travels to find that his apprentice had carved the pillar unaided, in a fit of envious rage the master mason killed his student with a mallet-blow to the head. As a punishment, the master’s face was carved into the opposite pillar, the better to look upon his novice’s work forevermore. It is also suggested that the Apprentice Pillar represents the roots of the great tree of Nordic mythology, Yggdrasil.

SAB 1Sabatier, Apollonie: French courtesan and thought-of as the muse for many artists, Apollonie owned a salon in 1850s Paris, in which she entertained the likes of Gustave Flaubert and Victor Hugo. Most notably, she was the inspiration for Charles Baudelaire’s famous poems, Les Fleurs du Mal.

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