WAL 1wallachia1Wallachia: an independent medieval principality, traditionally founded in 1290 by Transylvanian settlers under The Black Voivode, and with allegiance to neighbouring Hungary. From 1310-1352 Wallachia was ruled by Basarab I, who was also known as The Founder for his rebellion against Hungary and the formal establishment of the principality.

From around 1415 Wallachia was annexed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, with whom, under duress, it remained until the 19th century.
One of Wallachia‘s most famous rulers and insurgents was Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia or Vlad III Dracula, the Impaler, so named for his cruel custom of exacting torturous death upon his enemies. Vlad Dracula was intermittently voivode, (ruler), of Wallachia around the period 1456 to 1462, during which he constantly and ferociously fought against Turkish rule.

Wallachia, also colloquially known as Muntenia, was in 1859 merged with Moldavia to become what is now the southern region of modern Romania.

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