SEPH 1Sephiroth: Hebrew for ‘enumerations’. The ten emanations in Kabbalah, believed to be God’s methods of revealing himself and creating the physical realms of consciousness. It is believed that the sephiroth describe the spiritual lives of mortal men, as well as creating a connection between the human soul and the unknown Divine.

Though configurations differ between schools of teaching, the sephiroth is usually divided into three sephirah;Divine Will above all others; conscious Divine Intellect, and secondary-conscious Divine Emotions. Keter (crown), part of the Divine Will, indicates an unconscious mediation between God and the other. Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding) become part of the conscious Divine Intellect, while Chesed (kindness), Gevurah (severity), Tiferet (beauty), Netzach (victory), Hod (glory), Yesod (foundation), and Malchut (kingship) are believed to be the primary, compassionate attributes of the Divine Emotions. Through the sephiroth, Kabbalists wish to harness their inner motivational force and understand the role they take in service to God.

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