Angel Ring:

The seven planetery angels are depicted within the enamel of the pendant, corresponding with the reverse side inscribed with their respective names, planets and days. The table below shows the details of the inscription on the back of the pendant:


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Angel: Och Phul Phaleg Ophiel Bethor Hagith Arathron
Day: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Planet: Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Metal: Gold Silver Iron Quicksilver Tin Copper Lead


AAP4 Quinquerosa:

QUI 1Quinquerosa is the alchemical symbol of the five petaled black rose with the microcosmic pentagram representing the Opus Magnus; the perfection of man.

The triangular clock reflects the alchemical principle of the paradigm threefold man. Salt, mercury and sulphur are harmonised with the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, coming together in the seal of Solomon, or six pointed star.

In solid pewter and brass, with quartz clock movement.

Three plays an unmistakably fundamental role in all religions. Christianity has its trinity and also heralds three virtues - faith, love and hope. From Egypt we have Isis, Osiris and Horus and in Hinduism Brahma, Vishnu and Shive.

Water is the element of three and the triangle & water are heavily associated in alchemist medical signs.

Three is also frequently encountered in tales of quest and rights of passage. Commonly fiary tails and myth speak of three tests or riddles that one must withstand or solve.

The triangle shares in the symbolic significance of three. In antiquity it is sometimes regarded as a symbol of light. Often the triangle is used as a sign for God and is extensively used by Freemasons.

AAG27 Chalice of the Last Judgement

This truly magnificent craftsmen made pewter chalice weighs a full 2 ½lb (110g) and stands an imposing 9 ½" (246mm) high. Its implicit theme is in commemoration of the Archangel Michael's victory over Satan on the Day of Judgement in the Biblical 'War in Heaven', while its form was inspired by an original C19th design by the inimitable A. N. Pugin.

The elegantly shaped bowl has been spun then mechanically engraved while the stem, its large and intricate knop and uniquely proportioned base are formed from eight separate, ambitious castings that are then skilfully hand assembled and soldered to become one commanding piece. Each chalice is then separately patinated and expertly hand polished before finally being set with 24 complementary Swarowski crystals.


AAG30 Hanged Mans Skull CupHM 1

The most ancient and efficacious remedy for any ailment.

Alchemy's Hanged Man's Skull Cup is made of bone china out of a mould taken from a male, human skull. The stem is typical in style of an English vernacular, 18th century, craftsman made artefact, and hand made here of fine English pewter. It is formed of three entwined, 'healing' snakes which terminate in typical claw feet, and is engraved with a potent variety of spells and seals.

On the underside of the cradle are three seals:

Mars Pentacle of Cures:
Guards against disease and has curative powers.

Jupiter Seal of Immortality:
Look at this seal every day and it will keep one healthy and long living.

14th Talisman (of the Sage of the Pyramids)
Gives the universal medicine and the faculty of healing all sicknesses


talismansThe cup should be left overnight where the stars can shine on the engraved charm. On the following morning the cup should be charged with the water or wine and drunk to cure any illness and misfortune caused by evil spirits.

In addition to this, engraved around the outside of the triangular brace is a spell; the operative words for the 14th Talisman of the Sage of the Pyramids, which can be recited before drinking for enhanced effect:


An old British superstition dating from mediaeval times, claimed that anybody drinking water or wine from the skull of a hanged man would be cured of all their ills. Other related beliefs include the scraping of 'white moss' from the skull of a murdered man, which has similar magical and medical properties. It seems that such beliefs originate from the idea that the skull of a man who's life has been suddenly and violently ended, will still retain much of his life force within its walls and can be extracted and consumed by the lucky benefactor.

Skull cup related stories describe one of the secret rituals of the Templars, having possession of the skull and thighbones of John the Baptist they would fill the skull with a peyote based hallucinogenic, and sacramentally drink from it in a sacred ritual that was said to induce prophetic visions. Centuries later, on Christmas in 1811, Lord Byron, the celebrated gothic poet invited his friends to the ruins of Newstead Abbey, where, in mock ritual, they were to dress in monks robes and drink from a silver cup made from a human skull.

AAG22 Angels of Enoch Chalice

Based on John Dee's 'De Heptarchia Mystica' of 1582 and Edward Kelly's scrying of the Angel Magic system of the Seven Rulers. The names and the seals of the seven Kings and thier Princes are inscribed around the base, while the cup is engraved with the seals of the four watchtowers.

Enochian Name: Brorges Translation: Prince associated with Saturn
Enochian Name: Bralges Translation: Prince associated with Luna

The names are written in the Enochian language and the two translations above use John Dee's & Edward Kelly's original methods.

Such a chalice may have been used in rituals when attempting to communicate with angels as it honours their names in their own language.


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