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Sabatier, Apollonie: French courtesan and thought-of as the muse for many artists, Apollonie owned a salon in 1850s Paris, in which she entertained the likes of Gustave Flaubert and Victor Hugo. Most notably, she was the inspiration for Charles...
Sacramentum: Traditionally, a Christian sacrament isbelieved to be “a visible sign of an invisible reality”; a physical, tangible symbol of divine faith, representative of the grace that is present within the soul of every true believer – a...
Sacratum: (Latin); a hallowed or sacrosanct thing.
Sacred Heart, The: A symbolic devotion to Jesus’ physical heart, representative of not only his love for humanity, but also his sacrifice and intense suffering.
Saligia: (The Seven Deadly Sins) – pronounced ‘SaLeeJea’– a MediaevilLatin ‘mnemonic’ name, (a memory aid - a made-up word or phrase to remember any difficult sequence), given to the Seven Deadly Sins. Collectively these are: superbia...
Scarab: A beetle revered in ancient Egypt as sacred, under the name Kephri, and a symbol of self-generation and new life.
Sephiroth: Hebrew for ‘enumerations’. The ten emanations in Kabbalah, believed to be God’s methods of revealing himself and creating the physical realms of consciousness. It is believed that the sephiroth describe the spiritual lives of mortal...
Seraphim: Plural form of ‘Seraph’; a celestial being belonging to the highest order in the hierarchy of angels. Caretakers of God’s throne, locked in an eternal song of praise known as the ‘Trisagion’.
Seven Angels: According to the revered medieval magical work, The Arbatel of Magic, the heavens were divided into provinces that were ruled by seven planetary angels. Each angel possessed a magical seal, which alchemists and magicians used...
Single Decade Rosary: A single string of prayer beads. The sequence of The Lord’s Prayer, followed by ten recitals of Hail Mary and one prayer of Glory Be to the Father, is known as a ‘decade’.

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