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Pauper's Grave: In former times, peasants and poor common people would consider themselves very lucky to be able to be buried in a rude wooden casket, as most would go straight into the dust or mud of a shallow grave.
Pavonine: (Latin); bearing resemblance to the vivid colours and exquisite iridescence of a peacock’s plumage.
Pentagram (also pentacle and pentangle): One of the oldest and most powerful images in religious, occult and hermetic symbology. The five-pointed star, an outstretched figure of a man, represents the microcosm, mankind as the universe in...
Universally respected, feared and especially misunderstood, the pentagram is a very ancient symbol of harmony, health and mystical powers and still considered to be one of the most potent. A common and unfortunate misconception, especially more...
Plantagenet: The English royal house from 1154-1399, beginning with Henry II and ending with the abdication of Richard II. The family then became bitterly divided and branched into the houses of Lancaster and York, culminating in the Wars of the...
Princess Eugenie’s Blue Heart Diamond: The fifth largest blue diamond in the world, incredibly rare due to its sublime, ocean-blue colouring. It is thought that the princess consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870) held it in her possession for some...
Pugin: Augustus.W.N 1812-1852; English scholar, architect and designer, largely responsible for the Gothic Revival of the Victorian era. Pugin, together with Charles Barry, built the Neo-Gothic Houses of Parliament at Westminster, between...

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