Blast Pipe Ring

Lock Articulated finger ring with glass rod cylinder and adjustable lower shank.  More...


Alchemy Empire

SteampunkAlchemy Empire: Welcome to the Alchemy Empire website, where you can rediscover many of the astonishing, lost inventions and scientific discoveries of a heroic and insatiably adventurous bygone age, where gentlemen were recklessly courageous, and scientist-engineers were truly mad!

View the growing collection of Alchemy Gothic's facsimiles of amazing and fantastical retro-hi-technology artefacts, created from surviving fragments and archived linen blueprints of the world famous 'Rosensteins' and their contemporary collaborators. Browse through the catalogue of Alchemy Gothic's most recent additions to the Alchemy Empire Collection, and learn of its history and most famous characters. Find your favourite Alchemy Empire retail suppliers, and links to some great steampunk oriented websites, for your retrospective future indulgence…


Abney Park Photoshoot

Abney Park

Abney Park Photoshoot. View a collection of photos featuring Abney Park wearing articles from the Empire collection during an exclusive photoshoot as Alchemy join forces with one of the best known Steampunk bands in the music scene.

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Latest Alchemy Gothic Releases

New ReleasesThe new Alchemy Gothic catalogue is OUT NOW. To view all of the new Alchemy Gothic collection go online and visit the new releases section of our online catalogue.

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With the release of our new catalogue, Alchemy harks back once more to a mythically nostalgic bygone era; the intertwining of high technology with the unexplored potential of Victorian innovation. Our Steampunk range takes its cue from the conceptions of famed engineer, Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein. While his most inspired invention – the Galvanic Matter Transpositor – was laughed aside by premier pioneers of his time, recently unearthed sketches and scattered accounts have allowed us to gather enough information to demonstrate this forgotten legacy.

Visit and join our thriving community.  Take part in our monthy raffle featuring prizes from the Alchemy Gothic collection, talk with Alchemy Gothic fans on our forum and share your thoughts on all things steampunk!  Registered users gain access to many features such as our members only store.

Alchemy Gothic

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Artwork: A collection of artworks inspired by steampunk from Alchemy. Read more...

Abney Park

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View our fantastic Abney Park photoshoot

Urban Rock

Sample imageUrban Rock jewellery from Alchemy.

Empire Collection

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The Alchemy Empire collection : Steampunk designs from Alchemy Read more...